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Sunday: Lent Continued

So how goes your Lenten journey both spiritually and financially? Things will soon wrap up with Palm Sunday and finally Easter weekend. I look forward to Easter week, just because it allows me to “reconnect” with my Church and Faith.


Financially how have your plans gone? Mine has not been as good as my spiritual ones, but hope springs eternal. I will start anew today and see if I can get the financial plan back on track and aim again at my financial goals for Lent and for 2007.

A small slip or a big one, does not mean the journey is over, just that you need to maybe restart it, that is all, don’t give up, redouble your efforts!

Go on over and check out FMF as well, he has his usual good Sunday postings, including a very good one on The Bible’s Views on Borrowing

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  1. I like to think that we shouldn’t worry about how our gift is being used, after all we had the joy of giving it, didn’t we?

    Good for you! You are a good Christian but better still a good neighbour too.


  2. Lent – a time of pulling back, reflection, and in old-fashioned but evocative language: almsgiving.

    I’m observing lent by giving up buying lattes and accompanying snacks, in favour of eating fruit, and made-at-home lattes. The savings are used for almsgiving – I live on a weirdly well-off street in the middle of one of Canada’s poorest neighbourhoods (downtown eastside vancouver). People asking for money here are emaciated, addicted, hungry, malnourished. So if I’m doing it right, I’m feeding myself more appropriately, saving some money, and able to pass on those savings – yes, some of it to drugs no doubt, with without question, some of it to a slice of $1.99 pizza.
    Hmm. Kinda makes we wonder if this shouldn’t be a lifestyle?

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