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Canajun Finances Home » Budget Day!!! Whoo Hoo!!! Tax Breaks out of Hell?

Budget Day!!! Whoo Hoo!!! Tax Breaks out of Hell?

Santa is coming in March! The Federal Budget is coming down, and it is not just any budget, it is a pre-election budget so there will be so many goodies and toys for all the good little girls and boys that we might fall into “sugar shock” because of all the “sweeties”. Yup. this budget will be much on wishful thinking and very little on substance, is my guess. There will be promises that are similar to those made by 17 year old boys in the back of cars with their girlfriends, promising to love them forever, if just they…. you know what I mean. Cynical? Yes, I have lived through enough of this to know what I am hearing, but I will enjoy hearing them none the less.

From these “Promises In the Dark” (to quote Pat Benatar), voters will then go to the poles hoping that the Conservatives aren’t “… praying for the end of time…” to quote Meatloaf, on those same promises. There is your confusing and obtuse Federal Budget commentary for the day (you won’t read something like that in the Financial Post, now will you?).

I did manage to submit my taxes last night so that system is back up on line and running, so now I await to see how correct I was in my submissions. Should be interesting to see whether I get the big audit flag for claiming my 3 kids bus passes each month from September onward. Could be interesting. Stay tuned.

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