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Ontario Budget 2007: Coming Into Focus

Historical opinion post from May 2007 when Dalton McGinty and his Liberal Party ran the province of Ontario. Here is the actual commentary on the Ontario Budget 2007

Ontario Budget 2007

More information is starting to leak out about the Ontario Budget due out today:

  • As I mentioned yesterday rumors of a gradual raising of the minimum wage to $10.25 per hour (over an unknown period of time)
  • A “balanced” budget for the first time in a while for Ontario. What “balanced” means is open to interpretation.
  • Some green initiatives for the environment

So what? Well that is what one member of parliament is saying:

“ When you see that Dalton McGuinty’s total spending has gone up by some $ 20 billion, a 34- per- cent increase, that takes your breath away,” Conservative member of Provincial Parliament Tim Hudak commented.

Very true, of course who left them with the fiscal mess? Bob Rae? No, can’t use him as a whipping boy any more.And from the far left we have Howard Hampton

“ I think we’ll get a budget laden with more McGuinty promises. People will have to take those promises with huge dollops of salt.”

But salt is bad for my blood pressure Mr. Hampton!My guess is there will be a few election promises closed on, given the next election is in October, and a lot of trumpeting about balancing the books 2 years earlier than they promised (which is a good thing, but who is auditing these books?). Would be nice if he cut the OHIP tax he created now he has all this money from the Federal Government, but I suspect that tax is here to stay.

Oh, and in other news, remember all those rants I have had about lottery tickets and such, and how they are a waste of money, evidently there are “ethics” issues with the selling of them as well, at least from the CBC’s point of view, read here about Lottery Fraud Allegations.

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