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Welcome to the World and Powerpoint as a Financial Planning Tool

I have added a Babel Fish translator facility to the web site, if folks stumble across this site and English is not their mother tongue. I am also curious to see how some of my phraseology translates to the languages I can understand as well (I already read quite interestingly in French).

I took a very good piece of advice from our friends over at the Canadian Capitalist to make up a Powerpoint Presentation for my wife of the current state of our finances and other important factors, that maybe we don’t talk about. I haven’t shown my wife the final product yet, because she and I are both very busy trying to get a basketball tournament off the ground, but she will eventually get to see it.

I did one slide on our current monthly expenses (the bills that show up whether I am alive or dead), and was flabbergasted to see just how much we pay to live. I remember when I first graduated from University and the amount I am spending now a month is more than I made GROSS (before taxes) back then. Now there are a few anomalies there still, like the car loan, which is about to be paid off, but still it is one whack-load of money.

It’s important to do this kind of painful exercise if not to put a real value on the “boy we are spending a lot of money” sensation you get every month. It also allows you to figure out if there is anywhere you can try to save a little money, or at least cut down on spending. Give it a try it is an interesting exercise.

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