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Investing: BCE Smokes Along

With the sale of their A-Channel assets and the rumors of a takeover BCE shares have been rising nicely lately, they are almost at their preNortel sell off price, which is just fine by me! I bought the stock for it’s dividends. Now of course, if the take over does not occur, the stock value will drop again, but that would be good for my Dividend Reinvestment Program as well (DRiP), so it’s all good on my side of the world.

In other areas my investments are not doing as well, but at least I can point to one area of happiness for me.

Always glad to see the mainstream media follows Stats Canada as well, as I saw my commentary about Salt has also made it onto the CBC web page (well from the same source at least). My nose for news is still good!

I also don’t feel quite so DUMB about my Arithmetic problems on my Credit Card after finding out that CERN blew up their Particle Accelerator, due to mathematical errors at Fermilab. Goes to show that everyone has problems with their calculations.

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  1. “CERN blew up their Particle Accelerator, due to mathematical errors at Fermilab.”

    Solidifies my view of engineers!

    I hope your Credit card problems aren’t as expensive to correct.


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