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So last month’s new car sales numbers reflect a trend, you would expect with gas at $1 a liter and higher in most of Canada, they dropped another 3.7% in February, and the trend looks like it is DOWN for now.

Want to guess what types of cars didn’t sell well? Gas guzzling trucks maybe? Good guess, take a nickel out of petty cash! Truck sales were down 6.9%, and I am not surprised after what I learned this weekend.

As I mentioned I rented a Yaris from Avis this past weekend, just to get a feel for the car, since if I was to buy a new car, that might be the type I would buy (I am looking for an economical, and frugal car for driving around town and some highway, but not a lot of driving).

Overall it was a positive experience. I actually did fit in the car (I am a little over 6 foot 3 inches tall) which impressed me. The steering wheel was in danger of banging my knees when getting out, but it was ok. The drive I did was mostly highway (the 401, from Cornwall to Toronto and the QEW to Niagara), and the car’s feel on the road was quite smooth. The noise in the car was high from engine noise and wind (but I think that is a function of the subcompact). The sound system was good (MP3 CD player), the seats aren’t conducive to long highway drives, but I think they’d be fine for a 2 hour drive (my back was sore after 6 hours). I don’t like the center mount speed-o-meter set up, but that is the norm these days for small cars.

If you are looking at this car, I think it’s good, and it’s use of fuel was very frugal (even with me driving between 120 and 130 most of the way, which might explain the engine noise as well :-). I spent less than half of what I would have with my van (haven’t totaled it all up yet).

The fact that I didn’t have to pay for the car (I used points) was good too.

Who is the guy on the bag? Gary Numan of course, and what song did he sing? Cars!

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  1. As Toyota’s Corolla posts similar fuel economy ratings as the Yaris, you might wish to compare it on a future trip. If you want an inexpensive car, you will find it made with economical materials. A similarly efficient car might be available with upgraded materials. Your choice, of course, depends on your needs.


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