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Endorsement: Parker Auto Care

So let me begin that the following comments are an UNsolicited and UNpaid for endorsement by me of a garage here in Ottawa.

Parker Auto Care

I have been taking my cars to Parker Auto Care for over 25 years now, and have never had any problems with the work done, or by the folks that work there. Dave Parker the owner proprietor does good work, only charges you for the work that needs done, and will not try to kill you “nickel and diming” you on things that can wait. Word of warning, Dave is also very busy, and you might not get in to see him right away (another good sign for most services like this, the busier they are, the better they are (most of the time)).

Why am I doing this? I have said more than once that the major allies you need in life are:

  1. A good spouse
  2. A good doctor
  3. A good mechanic
  4. A good dentist
  5. A lawyer that takes care of you (not sure how you define good for that profession)

Dave fits (3) to a “T”, and I have no problems endorsing his business (and I must repeat, I am not getting paid to say this).

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