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Prime Rates?

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Well finding out what the “prime rate” in Canada is (the overnight interest rate set by the Bank of Canada) is easy enough to find out, since I post that information about Interest Rates in Canada myself (you can also check the Bank of Canada web site as well).How do I find out about American Prime rates? An interesting new site that I found on the ReviewMe web site (yes this is a sponsored post as well), Prime Rate posts that information as well as useful historical information about what the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate has been set for a good long time. It also explains what the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate actually means (being Canadian I didn’t know it wasn’t just an actual rate set, go over and see what it actually is). Another interesting section on what the predictions are for the prime rate in the near future. These kind of predictions should always be used with a “buyer beware” attitude, but are always useful to know what folks think the future might hold. What is the current Wall Street Journal prime rate? Today this site says it is 8.25%, which is higher than Canada’s prime rate, so why isn’t the U.S. dollar going up? Hmmm

The site seems quite easy to navigate and easy enough to look up the information you are looking for as well, a useful resource to use.


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