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If I buy a Double Double with it do I get Change?

So the Royal Canadian Mint decided that they needed to create a new gold coin for Canada. So far there is only one of these, 100 kg 99999 pure coins in existence, which is good. What vending machines could you use this coin in? I guess a cigarette machine, given the costs of a pack of cigarettes these days. I guess you could walk into a Lexus dealership and buy a new convertible with it too.

You know someone actually thought this would be a good idea, and more likely than not got a bonus for thinking this thing up. I don’t really get why this is important, except to show that we can do it, but there you are. Just think of the size of the change purse you’d need to carry that thing around? Staggers the imagination!

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  1. Apparently they’ve had so many inquiries from interested purchasers, that they are going to mint a number of them. I’d like to see the piggy bank you’d put a 100 kilo gold coin in!

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