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Canada: More Going Out than Coming in !

Just in case you didn’t read my previous post about our trade internationally, Stats Canada reconfirmed this with a post about Canadian International Merchandise Trade.

Canadian companies exported $40.6 billion worth of merchandise in March, up 1.4% from February. Automotive products led the growth of exports, increasing a robust 7.9% to $7.4 billion.

Imports were up 3.3% in March, reaching a record high of $35.9 billion. The advance in imports of energy products led the gain. All but two sectors, namely forestry products, and agricultural and fishing products, registered increases as well.

There you have it, good healthy trade for Canada, which is a very good thing, for our economy.

Another interesting point made is that China’s influence on Canada, in terms of Imports, where Canadian imports increase by 18% from China. It seems we export raw materials to China and they return us with finished goods.

What happens when China decides it doesn’t want to export any more, and it creates it ‘s own voracious consumer population?

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