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Illness Follow Up and Telephony

So last week I mentioned that Stats Canada was talking about the “Big C”, in Cancer Now that I have Your Attention but now a relative new comer at Riscario Insider has made a very good post about Critical Illness: The Basics outlining what Canadians are doing about catastrophic illnesses, a good read.

A topic more near and dear to my heart (and wallet) is Stats Canada‘s statement about Telecommunications Statistics. Operating profit in the Wireless side of the telecom world is up 67% in Canada (year over year) from last year at this time, which is a good thing to see.

Growth in this industry is a good thing, since it shows there is market space still to be exploited (good for BCE, NT, Telus, and other Wireless associated companies). The other side of the coin, in the wired world (home phones and such) is not as good, with their profits dropping by 27%. An interesting statistic is:

There were 55.1 mobile subscribers per 100 inhabitants at the end of 2006, almost identical to the 55.3 traditional wireline access lines per 100 inhabitants.

So, the penetration of wireless phones in Canada is the same as for regular phones? That’s pretty important. Of course, in Europe, there are even higher penetration numbers. How much more network buildout do the Canadian Wireless operators need to set up?

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  1. That new comer sure can write 😉

    The cost of wireless data is ridiculously high. Why can’t we have unlimited usage for $50-$100/month? At launch time, That’s what 1X cost for the first 6 months, plus $500 for the PC Card. For business users, that was reasonable. Unlimited Internet access no longer seems to be available from mobile providers.

    Rogers and Bell offer WiMax which isn’t portable enough (needs a plug). There’s more here.

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