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Workplace: One out of Three Canadians a Workaholic?

Wow, I would never have guessed that one (what font do you use for sarcasm?). In a study just published by Stats Canada: “Time escapes me: Workaholics and time perception“. I know workaholics, but don’t describe myself as one. I might be a Videoholic, as I think my biggest problem is watching too much TV, but that is another story.

A very telling commentary is the following:

… 65% of workaholics worried that they do not spend enough time with family and friends, a much higher proportion than the 45% of non-workaholics who reported doing so. They were also more likely to report that the general state of their health was fair or poor, and that they had trouble sleeping.

However, they did not enjoy their jobs more than other workers. On a 10-point scale, both groups reported an average satisfaction score of 7.4 with their work.

Time Waits for No One


So, you work more hours yet you don’t like your job any more than your co-workers? This is really kind of common sense, because the people who I know that love their occupation (be it a job, volunteer work, past time, etc.,) don’t ever complain about working on it too much, because they love what they do (cyclic isn’t it?).

I work with people who are workaholics, who are miserable for so many reasons, yet they don’t want to change things either. Why do you work long hours for a job you loath?

Are these workaholic people more productive? That would be an interesting question to ask, but you’d have to identify the workaholics and then ask their employers whether all this extra work makes them more valuable employees.

Show value in your life, work hard on the job, live life to the fullest at home and do things that you love.

What does this have to do with personal finance? A lot of workaholics that I have met say they must work long hours AND stay at their job (that they dislike) because they must earn money to keep their families in the lifestyle they have become accustomed to. Wonder what their families think?

“Used to think I wanted a career, turned out all I wanted was a pay cheque”, well known high tech worker expression.

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  1. If you are a workaholic then it’s important you enjoy what you do and is something you must have a passion for. Something I think someone can truly find when working for yourself

  2. You should watch the movie ‘click’. It’s about this exact topic.

    Here is an interesting stat though. If you want to be thought of as one in a million on the USA you have to be better than about 300 people. So in a line of 300 people, do you think your the best at what you do? You employer can choose from any of them, so stop reading and get to work.

  3. Hey Cajun,
    Yes.. I am a self confessed HardCore workaholic! 🙂

    I like to “burn the candle at both ends with a blow torch!”

    It’s taken its toll over the years, and I admit I am starting to slow down a little by necessicity.

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