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Canadian Tour of Personal Finance Blogs

I am part of the #3 version of this new carnival, hosted by the Canadian Capitalist. My article about The Disappearing Middle Class in Canada is featured as well as other interesting posts, go have a read! A good tour of Canadian Personal Finance Blogs.

An interesting study by Stats Canada about Marriage breakdowns and how men become depressed because of it, has made a lot of the legitimate press today. The findings suggest men are more likely to get depressed than women after a marital split? Interesting, did I mention it’s Prozac‘s 20th anniversary as well? Too bad I didn’t buy Lilly 20 years ago, and instead invested in high tech, sigh.

The sight will also be under construction today, if things suddenly look very strange, don’t worry, but if you like or dislike the new look, say so as well!

Montreal was proposing a radical change to how traffic would work, with the reintroduction of tolls and such, and an expansion of mass transit, and as if by magic, the Transit Union decided within a week of this announcement to go on Strike! I miss my old hometown, because that’s just the way Montreal works.

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