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Retirement? Not Likely for me

I have talked about retirement planning before and how the reality of my retirement is not going to be what it was for my father. The Baby Boomers generation may be the ONLY generation to ever be able to “retire”, since the whole economic model has changed so much in the past 20 years.

I say this knowing that the concept of the “pension” is changing drastically in most companies (no longer is it a benefit or right for employees, it is becoming a shared system between employee and employer). We will live longer as well, and that means, we’ll need more money because we will last longer (and we’ll need some pretty darn good health insurance too).

Our friends at BMO Nesbitt Burns sent me an e-mail about a bunch of podcasts they have put up on the web (for free) and it asks the question What Will Your Retirement Look Like ? While normally I don’t just throw stuff up on my site willy nilly, since this is free, it is worth at least a listen (remember where it is coming from as well, they want you to invest with BMO Nesbitt Burns).

See what you think of it. This is an unpaid mention of this product, it is not an endorsement, more of an informative pointer to get more information, of course we know what happens with some of my Helpful Advice read: A parable about advice… (not just financial) .

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