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My Spouse is Worth How Much: Scenario

So, I have actually had some excellent comments and feedback from different folks about this set of writing, so I will do a formal study from here, about how much my Spouse is worth (immeasurable to me, CRA has other ideas).

First meet the family we will be studying (completely fictional, so no e-mails about I know who this family is): John and Jane Q. Public who are married

  • John was born January 1, 1960
  • Jane was born January 1, 1962
  • They have two kids Zeke born January 1 1997 and Mary born January 1 1999
  • They don’t save, own anything or invest (yes, this is a very boring scenario, my apologies)
  • The gross family income I will assume for this family is $100,000/year (a little higher than average).
  • They live in Ottawa.

Tomorrow I will post their current tax return for 2006, where John and Jane both work at Generic Co. and make the exact same income, and we will see how much tax they pay (assuming they receive popcorn and beer money as well).

If you have any commentary please feel free to jump in. Note I have changed the title from my original “My Spouse” is worth how much, since that is sexist.

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  1. Agreed, so what I should do is then post the difference in taxes over $10K increments from $50K family income up to $130K with graphs to compare. Thanks for the idea!


  2. OK, first to wade in here….

    at $100,000 you fictional family are not earning a ‘little more than average’, they are earning about 30% more than the average Canadian family.

    Looking forward to the continuing saga.


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