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Canajun Finances Home » Inspiration: You Can Do It (June 5, 1989)

Inspiration: You Can Do It (June 5, 1989)

No one knows who tank man is, really, but I almost forgot him. Did he do something I couldn’t have done? I think so. Do I admire his courage? Yes.

Who was this man?

What does this picture have to do with Financial Planning in Canada? The image itself is important because it is significant not forgetting this man or what happened. My hackneyed metaphor here is that no matter how bad things look, sometimes you must make a stand (my apologies, the analogy is nothing compared to the magnitude of the activities shown in the picture).

If you feel like you can’t do anything to control your financial situation, remember this man, he stood in front of a tank. Why did he do this? I don’t know, but the act to me is a defiant statement of, “I will not stand by and let this happen”, and you must have that same kind of conviction in your financial plans and fight for financial freedom. Is it as hard as standing in front of a tank? Not really, if you think about it, but sometimes maybe it does, but don’t give up.

As an epilogue, who is soon to be Canada’s third largest trading partner?

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