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Unemployment Stays The Same


In Canada our Unemployment Rate has remained the same (seasonably adjusted). This continues to be a 33 year low, which shows the Canadian Economy continues to roar along, and as a Citizen of Canada I cheer!

Stats Canada loves sneaking in interesting little anecdotes as well like the following

May saw a large increase in the number of self-employed, up an estimated 56,000, while the number of employees in the private sector fell by 58,000. Since October 2006, the number of self-employed has jumped 6.5%, well ahead of gains for both public (+0.9%) and private sector (+0.4%) employees.

That’s really cool, more folks are viewing themselves as “self-employed”, now is this by choice, by necessity or some other reason? I wonder. I really respect the self-employed folks out there, because I don’t have the nerve and the self-discipline to do this (ok this blog is kind of a self-employed job, but I haven’t given up my day job (yet)). Good on the self-employed folks!

Enjoy the weekend folks, come back refreshed knowing the soaring Canadian Dollar may change these numbers very soon!

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  1. Seems like many of the 58,000 who were tossed from their private sector jobs contracted themselves out as entrepreneurs. As you asked, is the generation of self-empoyed jobs choice or necessity?


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