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ATM Turns 50 ?

ATM Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash the ATM ?

Wow, the ATM is now 40 years old, at least this is the claim of the CBC, that is amazing.

I remember when the Canada Trust in Waterloo got their first “Johnny Cash” machine (complete with catchy phrases in the machine that were supposed to read like Johnny Cash was getting you money). They even managed to get Johnny Cash to do a few ads for them, it was amazing.

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Now we use them and are happy not dealing with the bank directly, yet continue to pay wild ass fees to the bank for this privilege?

Wow, we are gullible, aren’t we?

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  1. That is some pretty interesting info on the crime stats.

    Meanwhile, the ATM fees are annoying, but there are ways around them. Many banks are now reimbursing their customers at the end of every statement cycle even if they use non-affiliated ATMs.

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