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Bank Fees

So I would bet some of you say, big deal, you have saved $12.95 a month by getting Free Banking for a year (sum total about $156.00 for the year), why do you care about bank fees?

Every little bit costs you is my theory, and every time I control a small thing, I feel more in control of my financial situation. I have many other areas where I can and will go after a small savings, just because it bugs me:

  • My high speed Internet access is too high, and I think I can save $13 a month there
  • I spend far too much on coffee, and vow to attack that spending
  • I spent too much on my lunches at work, but I am attempting to remedy that situation

There are so many other areas I can work on, and will attack these areas in earnest, but saving $13 a month is important, and if you don’t think so, feel free to mail me $13 a month.I also feel good about it, because I feel like I “got a deal” which always feels good too!

I have NO idea how people smoke (yes there is nothing worse than a reformed smoker), but let alone the health aspects, how can you afford the price of a carton of smokes these days? I am worrying about $4.50 a day on coffee, just think if I was still a smoker? Wow!

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