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Babies are Expensive (revisited)

Looking back from afar, it seems a long time ago that we had babies, but it is still true, babies are expensive. 

So after reading over what I posted two years ago about babies here are my views 2 years later on what I said back then:

  • We did manage to use Formula powder for the two years, which did save us a fair amount of money along the line. With our previous three kids we used concentrated liquid, which cost a little more.
  • Diapers, we mostly buy in boxes, but occasionally will pick up a single pack when we think our son is in a growth area, and we don’t want to get stuck with a bunch of “too small” diapers.
  • Car Seat? He is big enough now that we are wondering what to do? He is only 2 years and 3 months, yet he is 40 lbs and 40 inches tall which makes him almost too big for a baby car seat, but we are not taking him out of that (and putting him in an accredited booster seat) for a while.
  • Crib? That is gone, he is now in one of the many beds we had stored in our basement, so that hasn’t cost us too much extra (we did have to buy a bed rail).
  • All the other paraphernalia is now pretty much grown out of and should be sold second hand or get donated to someone.
  • University fund? It is started, and we are working on it, I am happy to say.

He is also starting to join into play groups with the city and the associated costs there (but again a worthwhile expenditure) and he is taking swimming lessons too.

Would I Change Anything ?

All in all not a huge financial hardship, however, an interesting re-learning experience so far just trying to remember what we did with our daughters.

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