Cheaper Day Care Alternatives

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So after my posting about the cost of raising kids a while back a lot of folks pointed out the costs of daycare and how this is prohibitive for dual income families. To those who were so vociferous in your commentary about how I had missed the point, please watch the following video which I think puts forth a viable alternative to the high costs of daycare.

This really isn’t as funny as it was when I first saw it, given how much many families pay for daycare.

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  • Traciatim July 29, 2007, 8:25 AM

    Wow, that video rocked. I wonder how often they re-evaluate the children’s weight for shipping, weekly, monthly, every shipment?

    I wonder if their are full week plans so you could just have your kids on the weekends. That way you could still have martini time with the friends. With all the money you’re saving, make those doubles.


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