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Babies are Expensive, and July 2005 Best

Wrote this in 2005 when my son was just born. I can assure you that babies are expensive, and things don’t get cheaper until they move out (and even then).

I asked Mrs. C8j for a topic, and she gave me this one. Well, no we are not complaining about the cost of baby C8j, but the expenses are there, let’s look at a few of them.

Formula: Well that’s about $11 for a 10 oz can of baby formula in powder form (it gets more expensive when you buy concentrate, and pre-made stuff is even more expensive). Right now the can lasts about 3 days, so let’s say $25.00 a week

Diapers: We buy them in a BOX (this is new, 10 years ago when we had our last child they only came in large bags). In Ottawa at the Loblaws the size baby uses is $43.00 for about 150 diapers, given baby uses 6 a day, that’s not too bad really.

Car Seat: First car seat cost us $129.00, but it is also a carrying seat, but he also hasn’t lasted too long in this, we plan on trying to sell it second hand to get some money back.

Car Seat (again): He now has a new one that he will be in for about 6 or 7 more years, this one cost $250.00, but again, amortized over 6 or 7 years, not too bad, I guess.

Crib: Got that second hand $100.00, but baby C8j is going to be the last (I promise, I have gone for my second vasectomy, first one didn’t work).

Stroller: You buy a Perago and that is about $350.00 at least. Some folks pay a lot more for these things that are SUV’s for babies.

Clothing: That can add up, unless you have a lot of rich friends who buy clothes or a big family with LOTS of hand me downs.

High Chairs: That might cost about $200 that will get used for about 2-3 years.

Swing: That is about $179.00 or so, and swings are great to help baby get to sleep!

Exer-saucer: $75.00 or so, pretty cool though

Vibrating Chair: $65.00 he can sit in that, but was a gift.

Mobile: About $30.00

University fund: Better start thinking, $1000 a year is a good idea!

First year total : Around $5000 or so, if you include clothing, and the University fund, and that is just the beginning folks!

Is it worth it? Every single penny!

My Musings for July

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  1. I did a ton of research to get the answer for this. In the US, the average cost of raising a baby from birth thru 2 years old is over $74,000. The honest fact is that babies are expensive!! Know what though? They’re still worth it. I guess. lol

    great read here! thanks.


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