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Can only get better from here

Written many years ago, and yes things did get better. They also got worse, but that is the nature of life.

One of the joys of my morning drive into work is a particularly tricky merge across 3 lanes of highway traffic to get to my exit. Most mornings I am in early enough that this is not an issue, however this morning I was in with heavy traffic and almost hit another car, but swerved at the last minute to keep from having an accident. My first thought was, “Holy Crap”, but then I thought, today is going to get better from here!

Car Insurance

This is an interesting financial quandary these days. For me I have two older vehicles, the Honda that I drive is insured as minimally as possible for Ontario (I get no money for it’s damage, but am covered for anyone I hit). The car’s book value is $0 really (13 years old) unfortunately it’s real value to me is the price of having to get another used car (at least $7500), but it is not worth insuring it for that value (it would cost too darn much).

My van is insured with a different company than my house, so I don’t get a discount, but it is still the cheapest price I can get, because of the University I graduated from? Anything for a cheaper price.

To quote Chris Rock:

You know what’s worse than taxes?

What’s worse than tax is insurance.
You got to have some insurance.

They shouldn’t even call it insurance.
They just should call it ”in case sh*t.”

l give a company some money in case sh*t happens.
Now, if sh*t don’t happen, shouldn’t l get my money back?

I really wish that was the case, but it is not, Mr. Rock.


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  1. Recently a friend that is a substitute teacher in Ontario was telling me that each year she applies for & collects EI in the summer. Given the number of teachers in ON without full-time contracts, I suspect that number has creeped up some just from this pool of individuals alone.

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