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Price Fixing for Cars in Canada

I’ll take D’uh for $1400 Alex

Under the “you think we didn’t notice” side of things, a Toronto Law firm is putting in a class action suit claiming that Car prices in Canada are artificially inflated. Oh, I have a call coming in and it is from “Mr. Obvious”. The sales tax alone would tilt the scales, but the prices are definitely higher here in Canada. A CBC report had the following 3 interesting examples:

  • A Chrysler Grand Cherokee Laredo that was advertised for $29,215 in the U.S. and $36,215 in Canada
  • A Honda Odyssey Minivan that was advertised for $25,645 in the U.S. and $33,333 in Canada
  • A Range Rover Sport that was advertised for $58,500 in the U.S. and $78,300 in Canada

The lawsuit is only for purchases after August 2005 and ending in August 2007.
Of course Canadians are being gouged, it happens because we are 1/10 the size of the U.S. population, and rarely do we ever complain about things.

No Wonder my Lead Futures Have Paid Out So Well

There must be a shortage in lead (pb) about to occur, because more toys are being recalled for high lead levels. Anyone been buying Lead futures lately? Are they appreciating nicely given the high usage of it in kids’ toys? I am only half joking here folks, because I have to ask, where is all this LEAD coming from?

All joking aside my family is touched by this AGAIN, with more Thomas the Tank Engine parts being recalled as well. This is getting either ridiculous or tragic, I’ll tell you in 10 years which one it is.

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  1. ..and that is why I keep putting off buying a new car. With inflated prices, 13% tax, AND dollar parity, who can blame me?

    This 25 year old chooses to continue driving his econo-box.

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