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Jobs, Employment, Thanksgiving and Friday Random Thoughts

My Musings for Last Week

  • Recycling Furniture, Cheap or Thrifty? Discover the truth about re-using furniture and pocket some money in the process! Get tips on how to be frugally-minded and style-minded.
  • Always check your pay stub It is important to always check your pay stub, to see if things have changed in terms of your NET income (take home pay).
  • Friday Ramblings Now that is my kind of Surplus! The feds announced today a whopping $14B Canadian.

Thanksgiving in Canada

Please note that the financial markets will be closed on Monday, except for in the United States. If you have any urgent financial tasks to complete, it’s better to take care of them today. Some people believe that a 24/7 banking system is on the horizon, where transactions will be instantaneous all year round. However, it’s unclear whether this is a good idea. Personally, I admit to writing checks that I know won’t be cleared until after my paycheque, so I’m as guilty as anyone else.

Unemployment in Canada Below 6%

For the first time since 1974, the unemployment rate in Canada is below 6%.

Lots of exciting numbers over at Stats Canada that break the employment figures down very nicely, go look where you might fit!

Hope it was a good song

So one of the first music downloading cases has gone through the court system with the downloader being fined $220,000, now that is an expensive tune!

RIM Keeps Rocketing

I keep thinking the bubble HAS to burst for Research in Motion, which just goes to show how little I know about investing.

Revenue for the second quarter of fiscal 2008 was $1.37 billion, up 27% from $1.08 billion in the previous quarter and up 108% from $658.5 million in the same quarter of last year.

Revenue up 100% from this time last year? Ur um, I guess that’s good? Holy Crap! What are all you Crackberry addicts doing? I still have no money in RIM, but now I just feel stupid for not.

Enjoy the Long Weekend

Remember it’s supposed to be a holiday folks! Watch this space for possibly the greatest Turkey story ever (not written by me).

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