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Get off the Throne Will Ya?

Stephen Harper Speaks From the Throne

I just like that headline, because I have a potty mind.

One good paragraph from the speech is

The bedrock of our workforce is middle-class Canadians and their families. These families worry about the rising costs of higher education and the expense of caring for elderly parents. They worry about affordable housing and the number of homeless people on our streets. Our Government is committed to helping Canadian families meet their needs. The Working Income Tax Benefit will help Canadians get back into the workforce, and the registered disability savings plan will help families care for children with severe disabilities. Our Government will continue to invest in our families and our future, and will help those seeking to break free from the cycles of homelessness and poverty.

Not sure I completely agree, I think the Small Businessman/woman is the bedrock, but Middle Class workers certainly carry the brunt of the tax load. They will be investing in families, does that mean my family is going to be listed on the TSX?

This speech typically says very little in terms of tangible information about specifics in programs and is a broad brush stroke about policies and such, so the Budget is going to really put into action what these words might be hinting at. Tax cuts? Maybe, but will we even make it that far? Seems like the Tories are spoiling for an election, but are they making a mistake? Ask me in 9 months, I’ll give you the answer.

Send in the Translator

OK, this says nothing, or does it?

Canadians, standing on a proud history, look onto a horizon as limitless as the promise of our country. It is up to us to build on the legacy we have inherited, to seize the opportunities of the future, and to bring about an even better Canada for our children.

We must look to the past for a strong future, we must lift with our legs, to raise our children and always eat plenty of fibre! Maybe I could write a throne speech?

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  1. “We must look forwards, not backwards, upwards, not forwards, and always twirling, twirling, twirling toward victory!”

  2. Now that the Liberals are not going to force yet another election, I bet we won’t see any major tax cuts this year. Wouldn’t they want to save that for when an election is just around the corner so that fresh in everyones mind will be the purchasing of votes?

    Though I can’t agree with everything the government is doing (who ever can) if I go on and use their tax calculator for my family for 2006 and switch to 2007 my tax bill goes down a few hundred bucks. They’ve bought my vote for sure. Keep the surpluses coming, and keep the savings on interest rolling in to tax cuts. Once we get down less than 100B in debt just think of the things we could be doing with all the extra savings.

    I mean, you can’t get rid of all debt, but if we only had debt to build infrastructure as a revolving account that we could normally pay for in a few years, that would rock.

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