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When Financial Bloggers Meet (part 2)

National Capital Financial Bloggers Association Meets Again

The bloggers that constitute the N.C.F.B.A. met again last night to discuss vital financial issues of our time, and to imbibe in some libations and devour chicken wings. Sounds a lot more formal than it was. These meetings are quite fun for me, since I get to learn a lot more about the Financial side of personal finance and get to hear other people’s stories about finances.

Please read these sites, they constitute an excellent financial planning and investing base to work from.

Random Musings for a Friday

  • The Loonie continues it’s roller coaster ride with it peaking around $1.10 US on Thursday and now a down turn being seen on the markets for Friday. Are you cross border shopping yet?
  • Stats Can says that Canadians are Investing More but where, is a better question?
  • The Canadian Capitalist talked about using the TD E-Series Mutual Funds in your RESPs, that I really need to look into.
  • I am off to a Pseudo Wedding Reception in Southern Ontario, so I may have some statements about the relative costs and is it a good idea to bankrupt yourself at the start of a relationship (or your parents)?
  • A major topic of conversation with the bloggers was the price of cars and how to buy a car. I am getting a “new to me” car on Monday, and am I getting a good deal? I have no idea.


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