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Friday Random Thoughts

We interrupt this discussion about Personal Finance quarterly statements for a quick look at the past week:

  • The Canadian dollar is back at par with it’s American cousin. This is better for the Canadian manufacturing world, however, is it enough? The interest rate drop being assumed by the financial markets we find out about in a few weeks so stay tuned.
  • Today is BLACK Friday! Which does not mean that the Mist is going to take over your small Maine town, it is allegedly the biggest shopping day in the U.S. and the “Black” actually means, this is the day that retail stores in the U.S. finally go into profitability today (i.e. Black). Go see the Mist anyhow.
  • It snowed like heck the past day or so in Ottawa, which means more and more folks slamming into each other, towing companies phones ringing off the hooks and the sales of snow tires and snow tire installation sky rocketing as well. Do you use snow tires? If you live in Raleigh Durham, I know why not, if you live in Ottawa, what was your reason again? Best line read is, “It’s about the cost of your insurance deductible to buy snow tires, think about it”.
  • Retail sales are down 0.2% in September, which is interesting, given all the “hub bub” about cross border shopping, you would have thought that the stores were abandoned, but that is not the case yet.
  • I continue to enjoy some time off work, that is another interesting end of year “finance” thing to look at. How much vacation do you have left for this year? Does your company pay you out for unused vacation, or do you lost it? If you lose it, USE IT! If they pay you out, that is another idea to keep in mind as well (could you use an extra week’s pay)?

Have a fun weekend all, the Personal Finance Quarterly report seminar continues on Monday with Debts (something almost as scary as a Stephen King Novella).

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  1. Now THAT idea I like.

    Another extension would be to donate time you would have been doing shopping to some worthy charity.

    Is there a “We are not getting broke for Christmas” facebook group yet?

  2. nancy (aka money coach)

    As an alternative to Black Friday, about 99,000 of us, according to Facebook (smile), are observing Buy Nothing Day.

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