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Personal Finance: The Quarterly Status Report (Last Parts)

oThe question you must ask now is what else do you want to pass on to the reader of this status report? Remember you should keep the scope of the section to be within the realm of Personal Finance (might not be the best place to complain to your spouse about their hygiene or their ability to show up on time).

What Else?

A couple of other sections to think about adding to the report might be:

  • What is in the Safety Deposit box? We have a safety deposit box that has some important documents and some securities in it, but if you don’t tell your spouse about it (and maybe where the key to it is) how can they get access to it in an emergency? If you have a home strong box, or safe or you have some important documents frozen in some ground meat in the basement, you might want to mention that here.
  • Status of your will(s)? Do you have an up to date will? If you don’t you might want to mention that to your spouse, and then go out and fix that problem.
  • Retired Debts in this Quarter which are important to remember. Simply forgetting about a retired debt, doesn’t allow you the satisfaction of celebrating the debt’s demise, and it also helps your reader to know that you are working towards actually getting solvent.

With all of this information you have collected there is no way anyone reading this document could say, “I don’t know where we stand financially”, but you might need to create a “Conclusions and Recommendations” section, and that we can talk about tomorrow.

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