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Sunday Thought: Charitable Donations

I only have a few specific areas where I make charitable donations year over year. I was surprised at how much my small givings impacts my final tax bill, and hopefully the money and time given will help the Charity as well.

Which charities do you give to over the year should be part of your financial plan for the year. It is also important to remember to give and  to write it off on your taxes. This doesn’t mean that if you decide to give more or to another charity you shouldn’t just that as part of your financial plan, you should take into account your Charitable Donations and works.

Money gets wasted in our lives, but it is important to make sure most of it gets used for good things. Charitable donations are  a good thing.


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  1. I only give to my church on a regular basis. I give once a year to Cystic Fibrosis and Polio organizations…but is a very small amount..

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