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Sunday Thoughts on True Charity

“ True charity is the desire to be useful to others without thought of recompense ”

Emanuel Swedenborg

Haven’t really done a Sunday posting for a while, so let me write a few thoughts.

  • Do you give regularly to a charity? Doesn’t have to be a Church, but I think the charity needs to mean something to you, for it to really be something worthwhile, which does not mean you shouldn’t give, just try to find something you feel is important.
  • Money is one of the things you can give, but your time and your skills are sometimes more needed than your money. Many community groups need volunteers as much as they need money. You’d be surprised what skills you have that other people might value.
  • Do you get to Church regularly? Do they have an automatic withdrawal system in place? Maybe you should avail yourself of it? (Yes, mental note to myself).
  • If your neighbour’s driveway is snowed in, maybe help dig them out? Yup, that is the best kind of true charity.

True Charity For Me

True charity for me is quite selfish, because it actually makes me feel good (which is I guess the best reason to do it?).

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