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Sunday Thoughts: Lent on Wednesday

Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday and that means that Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, and thus Lent begins for we Christians.


Lent can be used for spiritual reasons, but it can also be used for self-improvement and betterment.

Remember you can give up things in a traditional Lenten fashion like giving up a $4.00 Latte per day, or coffee in general (I did that one year and my wife made me give up that vow because I was driving her crazy). You can also ADD things for Lent that make you a better person (like exercise or eating fresh fruit).

This time is also a good time to start thinking about Financial plans to see how you can do for a short period (40 days), like bringing your lunch to work, instead of buying it? How about making a financial plan for 40 days and sticking to it?

Whatever you do, plan to try something, and see how well you do!

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  1. bigcajunman – Ottawa, Ontario – A simple blogger writing about his financial experiences as the Father of a wonderful son who is on the Autism Spectrum. Also writes about security and WordPress technology.

    Good idea! I will most likely try to “up” my donations to my Church this month as my Lenten “addition” as well.

    Keep it up Financial Bloggers, show the way (to paraphrase Peter Frampton).

  2. nancyzimmerman – Imagine if Canadians were known for being all over their money. Engaged. Proactive. Getting out of debt. Savvy. Saving. Generous. I think it's possible. I started my own journey with money about 10 years ago, and through my company "Your Money by Design" help anyone along the same path. My underlying belief -surprising, as I'm an Anglican ('high", with catholic tendencies, but way more liberal) - is that of the puritans: money is a social good, not a private possession.

    Clawing our Way pf blogger has issued a Feb challenge, Share the Love, for pf bloggers to donate to a particular charity this month. I’m giving up paid-lattes for a week and donating the savings. Also, in keeping with lent initiatives, I’m trying to give away a loonie each day to a panhandler, and try to be human-to-human in the exchange. I’ll post about it each Monday (no action so far because i keep forgetting to carry loonies on me!)

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