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Random Thoughts ( more cowbell !)

I keep resonating on the message from a very funny Saturday Night Live skit with Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken about how We Need More Cowbell ! Can’t show you the clip, NBC guards their content closely, but I agree with Bruce Dickinson (yes THE Bruce Dickinson), we Need More Cow Bell!

  • We saw an odd set of numbers come out of Stats Canada trumpeting that CPI or inflation was lower this month, however, this is also the first month of the drop in the GST as well, so if the Tories hadn’t lowered the GST the CPI would have been 1.0% from December to January? This doesn’t scare anyone? Makes me Fear the Reaper .
  • The RRSP Silly Season continues on and remember you can go until February 29th (a whole extra day). Haven’t heard about parking my money yet, where you put your extra money in an RRSP with TERRIBLE returns, until you can figure out which Mutual Fund you want to have gouge you in the future. Thought that was a great sales gimmick, makes me want to explore the space more.
  • Oil spiked above $100 per barrel this week causing ridiculous price jumps everywhere (including in Ottawa), that kind of price gouging makes me ill. I got a fever! And the only prescription.. is more cowbell!
  • Still Lent folks, keep up that financial plan and pat yourself on the back if you are keeping up to it as well.

Yes, it is a strange Friday, and the only way to fix it is More Cowbell ! Remember, no matter what your financial issue, you need more cowbell ! Too much debt, more cowbell ! Where should I invest with my RRSP? You know what to do!

Hopefully by Monday I’ll be over this odd fascination I have.

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