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Here Comes the Budget

Jim Flaherty fresh from his success with Opera Lyra, on Tuesday will unveil the Tories Budget for 2008, whoo hoo! Most Canadians will be glued to their TV, except it will be to watch the NHL trade deadline shows (will Matts Sundin leave Toronto? Will the Sens pick up Marian Hossa?).

Will the Tories pull out the big guns and introduce Home Income splitting? Will they play it safe and simply stay the status quo and assume Canadians will buy the “we can’t have any more tax cuts, because our surpluses are not big enough” argument? Maybe he can trade an income tax cut and two GST drops to be named later for Peter Forsberg? Who knows?


The best hint I think will be any kind of “poison pill” for the Liberals that will force them into voting the budget down, so that we have, ELECTION 2008, this time, we might decide! or something like that.  The Tories have been spoiling for some kind of issue they can ride into the election, and maybe they have found a rotted plank in the Liberals platform that they can attack with this budget.

R-r-r-roll Up The Rim Returns

For many of us part of our retirement plans, is the Tim Horton’s roll up the rim to win contest. Last year was a fruitful year for me with plenty of winners and such, but who knows what this year may hold. Given I am not buying as much Timmy’s coffee, I may not be as victorious as in previous years, but maybe all it takes is one coffee to win? Remember the old Lottery ticket credo, “There is only 1 winning ticket”.

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