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Random Thoughts

My Writings from Last Week

  • Random Thoughts ( more cowbell !) I keep resonating on the message from a very funny Saturday Night Live skit with Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken about how We Need More Cowbell ! 
  • Property Taxes Time for my property taxes. My interim tax assessment arrived yesterday in the mail and it is about what it was last year with the exception of a 1 line addition that has me wondering.
  • Federal Budget with a Twist Please In 2008 the TFSA was started, and it may end up being the one “game changer” that Stephen Harper will be remembered for.
  • Resoled Shoes and A Budget Jim Flaherty is poised to announce his new budget and instead of the tradition of the finance minister buying a new set of shoes, instead he had his existing shoes re-soled.
  • Here Comes the Budget Jim Flaherty fresh from his success with Opera Lyra, on Tuesday will unveil the Tories Budget for 2008, whoo hoo! 

A special Friday this week, given it is February 29th, the bissextile day, an extra day for our year, so enjoy this extra day. Have a Leap today!

  • With this extra day you have today to finish up your 2007 RRSP purchases if you wish.  Given how down the markets have been, you might find some deals (or you might be buying tainted meat too, I can’t tell).
  • Tomorrow is Saint David’s Day (the patron Saint of Wales). Buy a leek and watch a Rugby game.
  • You are supposed to have received all of your relative tax forms by now as well (T-4’s and such) so you can now do your taxes. My employer waits until the very last day before sending my tax forms out.
  • The Federal Budget passed a confidence motion yesterday, so TFSA‘s are a step closer to coming into laws.
  • CIBC took a massive write down from the Low Rate Mortgage scandal in the U.S., which means their stock is tanking even further. TD on the other hand announced a tidy profit and an increase in their dividends. A tale of two Banks?
  • I am attempting to get back on the horse and STOP spending money at work again, due to another announcement this week.
  • I continue to fill in my net income on financial aid questionnaires for various universities, which makes me wonder, what do THEY do with all this information? Once they tell me, “You are too stinking rich to deserve financial aid”, do they shred my information? I really hope so, because they ask some very SPECIFIC questions (values on specific lines of my tax forms).

Have some mushy peas and maybe some leek soup and enjoy your Saint David’s weekend.

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