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Sunday Thoughts: Lent almost over

With Lent coming to a close on Good Friday, how has your Lenten Financial vows gone? My attempts at sticking with a Lenten financial regimen has not been a wild success, but it still continues on. There are days when I don’t live up to my hopes, but then there are days when I succeed as well, and I will remember the successes, and attempt not to have as many failures.

  • My attempts at controlling my spending at work has not been a raging success, but I blame that on the “Roll up the Rim” contest from Tim Horton’s (although I have won a few free coffees too).
  • Stopping procrastination is hard, in all parts of your life, not just money.

I have managed to get my taxes done, which was needed and with that, I may do another set of articles about why Income Splitting would make a lot of sense for single income families (and now with the new RESP proposal maybe we can income split with our kids too?).  Since the Conservatives will most likely kill this bill, I don’t think it’s going to be a big concern, but who knows?

Enjoy the Lenten season while it lasts, but remember Easter is very soon too.

Happy 18th Birthday to my beautiful eldest daughter. I may not be in town to help you celebrate, but you are in my heart always.

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