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Random Thoughts and Comment Friday

This week ends with the following random thoughts sticking in my head:

  1. The BCE purchase looks to be ok with the CRTC, but now we need to see if the Teachers’ Union is ok with the conditions placed on the sale.
  2. I already gloated about my refund for my taxes, sorry, it’s one of the rare times where I feel like gloating.
  3. Canada’s population is now 33,143,600 as of January 1, 2008! That’s kind of cool, we have a larger population than London or New York City, which is a good thing (I think).
  4. Server problems continue for this site, so please stay with me, in the words of the PQ, “C’est pas ma faute! C’est la faute du Federal!” (ok that is a Bowser and Blue quote). Sorry Monsieur Klein.
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Comments Please!

I get some comments from a few dedicated (or maybe belligerent) readers on most of my posts; however, I want to hear from any reader this time. What do I want to hear?

  • What do you like about the stuff I am posting about?
  • Are there subjects you want to read more about?
  • Topics I maybe don’t touch on that you want to read about?
  • Things you don’t really want to read about, and I should drop from my writings?

I wish I had free stuff to give away for this (I am working on that), but I will personally attempt to reply to each comment if you do (as I usually do). It might be a delay since I am out of town this weekend.

Remember, I have spam filters on, so your comments don’t appear right away.

Feel Free to Comment

  1. Hey Big Cajun,

    I’d like to see more coverage about brokerages and the investment banking scene in Canada. Brokerage news would be relevant to your readers I think as many of them will have accounts with Investment Advisors at firms across the country.



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