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Random Thoughts For Friday

A week where we looked closer at topics that is near and painful to my hear:

  • Monday was a discussion of Investment Planning and my normal honesty that I am as good a golfer as I am an investor at times.  I do however have a plan that I am living up to right now, and am glad I have not bailed out the way I might have in my younger days.
  • Horror Stories from the Financial World was Tuesday’s post, where I talked about a pay per use card that still charged 365% interest if you paid it off the wrong way.
  • Wednesday we went to one of my favorite topics, which is getting Free Banking and how if you are persistent and are willing to move banks, you can get Free Banking from the major banks (in Canada at least).
  • Finally I talked about Bank Fees in general and my views in that area.

In some of the other blogs I read usually:

Enjoy your weekend, I will be hanging out in gyms all weekend watching U15 girls play basketball.

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  1. Thanks for the link. We should meet up soon now that the weather is nice (okay was nice until yesterday).

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