Humor: Always have a target

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One of the important parts of Financial Planning is to have credible and attainable goals and a financial target for your plan. If you don’t have a financial target, how can you tell if you are on target ?

With this in mind here is an important example of how if you have a target, your aim gets better, and thus your aim at the target of your plan is better too.

Aim and Fire

This urinal has a small fly in it. This fly causes users of this urinal’s “accuracy” to increase by 80% (or decrease “spills” by that amount at least).

The trick is that at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam (ok outside of Amsterdam), do not have a bathroom attendant who puts a new fly in after each use, no, this is a STICKER of a fly, and this sticker has decreased the mess and filth in the bathrooms at Schiphol.

Look Closer:

There’s a fly in my urinal!

What a great idea!!

Punch Line Regarding Financial Target

Remember if you don’t have a financial target how can you tell if you are succeeding  or not 😃 .


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