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Cell Phones in 2008

Best Cell Phone Deal in 2008 one Opinion

My friend that was researching the best Cell Phone deal (for her and her family, I must stress that you must research this for what you want to do with your cell phone) and she has come up with her decision about the ideal Cell Phone service for her.

Survey said…… “PETRO CANADA!!” (Pardon?)

Didn’t expect to hear that one, but to quote her report to me:

$.20/minute, no fees, $20 top up lasts 180 days. Phones paid for by petro points.

$0.05 per text incoming and outgoing. You would have to know how many texts you send etc to compare to a $10 per month plan or 15 cents for sent messages only.

They don’t have auto top up

That is the report, which is helpful to me, as I am near wit’s end with Bell Mobility. It sounds like Petro Canada is the best to go with if all you want is a phone that you don’t use very much, and you are diligent about re-charging your pay per use service (no auto top-up), but I suspect I will check out Virgin, President’s Choice and Petro Points myself.

More Competition Coming

That is the good news for Canadian Consumers, is there is another spectrum auction going on, so there will be more operators and thus more competition in the coming years. You already see some new faces (OK re-branded faces, with Koodo from Telus and others).

My Cell Phone Woes

After my rant about, I am Paying How Much for My Phone? I got some very good comments from my highly intelligent readers, where the folks who want to keep their money are going with pay per use programs as a rule.

  • Jerry commented that paying for a Long Distance program with Bell is not a good use of money, as there are many much cheaper programs out there.
  • Traciatim pointed out that Fido (aka Rogers) has launched an UNO program where you amalgamate your mobile and home phone systems (might be worth investigating too).
  • George commented about his use of Virgin mobile and made the good comment: “…Cheaper options are out there. You just need to find them…”, point taken.
  • Ram had some very good points:

– Turn off voicemail in home phone and buy an answering machine. The cost of the answering machine can be recovered with just 6 months of voicemail charges.

– Turn off unwanted features in your phone service. I use only call display and call waiting in my home phone – and additionally voicemail in my cell phone

– Try subscribing to services from the same vendor, that way you can negotiate for a better price

As usual my readers show me the way, and give good advice.

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  1. Stay away from long distance with your cell carrier. I did the research a while back when we decided to cut out our home line. Long distance costs with Rogers, Bell or Telus are very high, and we didn’t want to bother with calling cards.
    We found some good pay as you go options with a couple of alternate long distance companies like Yak and Startec. Low cost and easy to use. We ended up choosing alligatomobile
    The web site was pretty straightforward.
    We’ve had the service for about a month. It works well and the prices are pretty good.
    We will probably cut our home phone in the next few weeks.

  2. If you are going the Prepaid way, there are more
    – Koodo from Telus
    – 7-11 Speakout (uses GSM on Rogers network)
    – Virgin, but CDMA

    For Unlimited Data Plans, there are
    – $15/month for Rogers
    – $7/month for Bell

    It’s worth shopping around, and pick a plan that fits YOUR need, not mine, not everybody, but YOUR need!

    Having a company BlackBerry cuts down a lot of my personal usage as well.

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