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Random Thoughts for a Saturday

I figured I’d move my lazy post for the week to Saturday, for those that might wander by and wonder what has been going on, and to reward Friday readers with an actual post and not just me rehashing.

An interesting week, where I got fixated on the high prices of Cell Phones, but a few other bloggers had other interesting posts as well:

  • In I am Paying How Much for My Phones and Cell Phones Again , I discuss the relatively large amount of cash I put out for the privilege of being connected in this world. Some very good comments from my readers on these posts, well worth a read.
  • In Understanding the BCE Mess, Michael James attempts to decipher the twists and turns in the largest leverage buy out ever. As a shareholder, I hope it settles down some time soon.
  • I lamented about the High Cost of Flying and am getting sick of dieing by 1000 service charges.
  • The Canadian Capitalist asked the question Is A Costco Membership Worth it? It never made sense for me, but he, as usual, has a good angle on the charges.
  • My wife managed to get a credit card so I asked again, My Wife is Worth How Much?
  • Over at Free at 45 an interesting article about how to Appeal Your Taxes .

All in all an interesting week.

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