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Theft and Insurance

When I was growing up in Montreal I had my bicycle stolen straight out of my family’s garage, and I remember my Dad giving me some money to go get a new one. It was traumatic for me, since I had never had anything of my own stolen, and suddenly my bicycle (my only means of transport) was taken, it was quite upsetting.

From that day onward I closed any garage I was associated with and became a Nazi about locking doors and such, because I was worried about people taking my stuff.  I got insurance and worried about my stuff getting taken, so I was very careful with my stuff. There was a posting on a local board that I read about a bicycle being stolen from someone’s garage, and it brought back to me, and made me wonder what some people are thinking in my neighbourhood.

When I go off to work and it seems like my neighbours leave their garages open all day long, how trusting can you get? No one is going to run off with my snow blower (although anything is possible), but the bicycles in my garage aren’t cheap, and worse still, the door into my garage from my house is rarely locked, so thus it is an open door to my house.

Am I Protected ?

Do I have enough home insurance? I really am not sure, I think I can replace my house, and I can replace many items in it, but I hope not to have to find out. I have been meaning to do a home inventory of the major items, so at least I would have a guess what might need replacing, but it is something that you procrastinate about because you don’t think it will happen to you.

Am I being paranoid? I invite my readers to comment on this, but I am always worried that someone might be wanting to take my stuff, and I take action to stop that.


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  1. You are not psycho or over thinking anything. I have just recently gotten into this industry of insurance and advocating for policy holders and am disappointed on how few people are educated on the importance of documenting their belongings. The first thing an insurance company or police officer is going to ask of you is for a list of everything that was stolen, destroyed, and damaged. Most people only remember 60-70% of what they had owned. If it is a complete loss, it will take months compiling that incomplete list! Why pay your premium if you aren’t going to take a bit of time to complete the process that will help you get your payout?

    As a side note, it was a stolen bicycle and the purchase of a much more expensive one that got me into this industry. I couldn’t file a police report either, because I had no photos or the serial number. You’re right. No matter what age, that is a bummer!

  2. The Nazi analogy was to show a complete and unthinking devotion to a seemingly (to most folks) odd belief, ala the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld, if it somehow upset you my most humblest of apologies.


  3. Interesting post, but why the Nazi analogy? Do you really want to equate yourself to a Nazi because of your concern about people taking your stuff? How about being “radically obsessed”? Fanatical? An extremist?

    But hey, it’s your blog and you can feel free to describe yourself as you choose and use whatever analogies you like so readers can create a clear image of who you are.

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