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Happy Labor Day

A historical piece from 2008 just as I was realizing I was unemployed, and what I was going to do about the whole thing!

I am either driving around Kitchener dropping my daughter off at University and setting up her dorm room, or I am on the phone with my wife discussing how to set up her computer in that room.

Labor Day kicks off a wild and wacky September for me, which will include me looking for a job, so this long weekend, is not as relaxing as it has been in previous years, that is for sure.

Karl Marx
Karl Marx

Labor Day weekend is the symbolic end of the summer for both workers and students alike. In Quebec students have already started school again, whereas in Ontario most schools start on September 2nd or at the latest on the 8th (like our universities).

I drag out my yearly picture of Karl Marx to show how the workers (proletariat) control the means of production! To my working brethren and sisters:

Happy Labor Day!

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  1. interesting, perhaps I missed the point, did not realize your daughter is coming to KW region

    This is funny, I believe Mr. Cheap (co-blogger from Four Pillars) is also in KW region as well attending UW for grad school

    I am UW alumni working in town
    Small world

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