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Election 2008 Predictions?

My prediction for the 2008 election was more of the same, unless there was a TREMENDOUS blunder by the Liberals or Conservatives (no a puffin having a poop on Mr. Dion in an animated ad, is not a tremendous blunder, but as a Puffin lover, I am upset to see them so politicized!).

After the last election I said the Results are Like Buckley’s Mixture and I predict more of the same. Neither side is going to change much in this campaign, we’ll end up with a minority of some kind and we’ll have more “wet noodle” parliament with very little of value being done, but nothing of disastrous implications either. The Tories passed some “good will” points including:

  • The TFSA which is yet to be understood by most of us, and is yet to be in place too, so wonder if the Liberals will try to axe it if they get into power? I doubt it, but it makes for good “fodder” in discussions with your Liberal Candidate. This is significant, but mostly because no one has nailed exactly how to use it best yet, I suspect it could be a “wow” thing soon.
  • Dropped the GST by 1% which was nice, but I haven’t notice that much difference.
  • Dropped taxes a little here and there

Not much else of significance, that people will talk about in 10 years (the infamous Ten Years After factor (not the band)). If something is talked about Ten years after it happens, it is historically significant, I think the TFSA fits in that category.

Mr. Dion’s carbon tax could be the same thing (a 10 years after event), if implemented, although I am not sure how to look at it right now, because I trust NO politician (Liberal, Tory, NDP, Green, Moose Party or Rhinoceros) to not take EXTRA money with a new taxation system. We shall see if that ever sees the light of day.

Big Cajun Man Election Prediction:Liberal Minority that will last 1 year. (WRONG!)

September 11th 8 Years Later

The September 11th WTL attacks is a 100 years after, where folks will speak of it long after we are all gone. I remember what I was doing that day, and my thoughts are with the victims and their families. On me souviens.

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  1. I don’t know if you noticed, but much like how the Liberals are stating they will cut the lowest income tax bracket by 10%, the Conservatives cut the GST down by 28% in their time with us.

    The Liberal Green Shift plan is nothing more than a tax grab and ‘feel good’ vote buyer. The problems I see are that is you reduce the amount of Carbon used you are either going to have to axe the cuts you made, or increase the tax to keep up. I guess that isn’t one of their main talking points.

    I don’t even see the Liberals as a choice in this election. This will be the first tie I’ve ever voted and I feel that if you are more for a left government you should be going NDP and if you are more for a right Government you’d go Conservative.

  2. Interesting mix of cynacism and idealism in your statement. I found when I was younger my idealism made me think in a more socialist manner and thought the NDP might be the right idea (back with Ed Broadbent), but after getting my first pay where I saw how much tax I had to pay, my idealism started to change to a more pragmatic view of government (i.e. get the hell out of my wallet!).

    I made the prediction solely to say that I did, I do not vouch for my skill in predicting elections or stocks.

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