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Two Days Left to End of Year

The end of the year is fast approaching, and here are a couple of points that you might want to think about before you close the books on this year.

Charitable Donations

Why not top up your charitable donations for the end of the year and take advantage of the holiday season to give to folks who might need your help (and give you a more significant tax credit as well).


Given RESP Grants are paid quarterly, it isn’t as important. It is a good idea that if you have extra money or if you were given money for Christmas or Hanukkah, put it in a savings vehicle that will help you save for your child’s education?


Go to your bank and get set up for a TFSA, but make sure there are no hidden fees, as I found out when I went and talked to TD about their TFSA. Does this make a lot of sense for anyone who will save or use it as a place to store your Christmas fund every year?

Christmas Fund

Start a Christmas Fund for next year. See how much you spent this year, divide it into chunks for each paycheque and set up an automatic savings vehicle to put money aside so that you have money for Christmas next year. I did this with CSB’s for the longest time, and it worked very nicely.


The Registered Disability Savings Plan do you have room left to put in to get more money for your loved one? Check your RDSP Statement of Grant Entitlement and see how much you can deposit and get matching grants!

Remember only two days left this year!

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