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Canajun Finances Home » Carnival of Personal Finance #192: The Family Day Edition

Carnival of Personal Finance #192: The Family Day Edition

For those of us in Ontario, it is Family Day and this year, it seems everyone is “celebrating” it (meaning all banks and stores are closed), so let us also celebrate with a Carnival of Personal Finance.

As this is my first time hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance I figured Family Day would be a good thematic premise to build our list of submissions for the week from.

Family Day
Family Day

Each section will be advice that might typically come from a member of your family (with a rating on the value of the advice as well (at least from my point of view)).

Fatherly Advice

We are all well-acquainted with the sort of advice that goes like this, “Back in my day, we survived on $10 a week and we still managed to enjoy life…” and other wise sayings like “A penny saved is a penny earned…” that our fathers would drill into us. This stoic advice was meant to keep us firmly on the path of sound personal finance.

Motherly Advice

carnival of personal finance
Enjoy Family day

“This is the kind of advice that appeals to your emotions rather than being based on facts. For instance, someone might suggest that you lend $300 to your unreliable cousin, claiming that they will definitely pay you back. Such statements may seem interesting, but it’s important to consider the facts before making any decisions.”

Brotherly Advice

This is advice that may be a little weird and not exactly the best advice, but always with an interesting angle to make you at least wonder if it is good advice or not:

Matt from StupidCents presents Attention College Students – How to Make Money While at School, an interesting idea, but what if you still need your old books?

Always the Planner asks Cash vs. Credit, never take advice from your brother in this area, do what is right for you.

Trevor from Financial Nut tells us Pros & Cons: Moving From Microsoft Excel To Google Docs For My Budgeting, I guess figuring out where to store your financial info is good on Google Docs, but maybe not…

Spousal Advice

We all know this advice type, “… why did you buy the 1080i HDTV, when the dishwasher is still broken?”, and other useful “buzz kill” type pieces of advice.

Hopefully your family gives you as good if not better advice, from this Carnival of Personal Finance.

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  1. Would have been a great carnival had you included the rest of the great articles that were personal finance related. Any reason you slashed such a large number? You excluded mine which was 100% on topic. Good way to tick off a bunch of fellow bloggers.

  2. Thanks for hosting!

    I think people are finally starting to realize that Family Day is a true blue stat holiday – about time we had one in February

  3. Thanks for hosting!

    My focus wasn’t on selling your own books, but rather finding books for sale and reselling them via other channels.

    Stupidly Yours,


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