Carnival of Personal Finance #192: The Family Day Edition

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For those of us in Ontario, it is Family Day and this year, it seems everyone is “celebrating” it (meaning all banks, and stores are closed), so let us also celebrate with a Carnival of Personal Finance.

As this is my first time hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance I figured Family Day would be a good thematic premise to build our list of submissions for the week from.

Family Day

Family Day

Each section will be advice that might typically come from a member of your family (with a rating on the value of the advice as well (at least my point of view)).

Fatherly Advice

We all know what kind of advice this is, “… I remember in my day we lived on $10 a week and we liked it…” and other gems about “… a penny saved is a penny earned…” from our Dad’s. Stoic advice to keep us walking the “straight and narrow” path in the carnival of Personal Finance.

Motherly Advice

carnival of personal finance

Enjoy Family day

This is the emotional advice that tugs at your heart strings and maybe isn’t well based in facts, but is “emotionally smart”, like “… loan your dead beat cousin $300 I know he’ll pay you back…”, and other interesting statements like that.

  • Free Money Finance advises What to do When You Have a Job Offer but Are Waiting for Another One, as your Mother might say, “Make sure no one gets mad at you for something you forgot to say”
  • Brooke from Dollar Frugal presents Super-Savings Mode – Food on Travel, this is the kind of “how to be frugal while on vacation” that most mothers might give out.
  • Jason from MyMoneyMinute sasy What We Learn From Tragedy, live every moment like it’s your last I heard many Mothers say.
  • Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck rants Could you get by on half a million a year?, and says, “Should we cry for those who may suddenly find they have to get by on only $500,000 a year in New York?”, not really very motherly, not thinking about your fellow man.
  • Megan from Counting My Pennies muses Knowing What’s Important, even your pet is important (I can hear my Mother saying that).
  • Ben from Money Smart Life queries Valentines Day Flowers a Rip Off, it’s not the gift dear, it’s the thought that counts.

Brotherly Advice

This is advice that may be a little weird and not exactly the best advice, but always with an interesting angle to make you at least wonder if it is good advice or not:

  • Fabulously Broke in the City presents Why I rent instead of buying a home, and says, “Why I think renting is getting a bad rap. I have many good reasons for renting instead of buying, and I go over them, with numbers to back it up.”, yes, but is it the right thing to do?
  • Matt from StupidCents presents Attention College Students – How to Make Money While at School, an interesting idea, but what if you still need your old books?
  • Ryan from The Better Credit Blog presents Signed up for a credit card to get a free sandwich, now that doesn’t strike me as good advice, unless it’s a great sandwich!
  • Always the Planner asks Cash vs. Credit, never take advice from your brother in this area, do what is right for you.
  • Trevor from Financial Nut tells us Pros & Cons: Moving From Microsoft Excel To Google Docs For My Budgeting, I guess figuring out where to store your financial info is good on Google Docs, but maybe not…

Spousal Advice

We all know this advice type, “… why did you buy the 1080i HDTV, when the dishwasher is still broken?”, and other useful “buzz kill” type pieces of advice.

Hopefully your family gives you as good if not better advice, from this Carnival of Personal Finance.




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