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February 2009

Get Rich? The Ultimate Canadian Story

Get rich quick schemes are a canadian tradition, “there is GOLD in the north!”. The NFB brings us City of Gold describing the Gold Rush. Seems a lot like Bitcoin, eh?

Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts about the start of Lent in 2009 in February, about money and such. Lent is a time to begin again.

Tax Time: All Your Forms?

I am hoping to have a first hack at my taxes done very soon, however, as usual my former employer will only send me T4 (and now T4A and others) at the END of February… Read More »Tax Time: All Your Forms?

Mardi Gras is here

It is Financial Mardi Gras, time to have that one last bang before Financial Lent, but not really. Maybe just plan what you will do for Lent ?

Get Rich Quick Schemes

Sometimes you can strike it rich , but usually it can be hinky like Bre-X and other scams. This weekends video clip is again from the National Film Board, a get rich quick scheme from… Read More »Get Rich Quick Schemes

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