The Eaton’s Catalog and The Sweater

For those of you who have not read “The Sweater” by Roch Carrier (or the original version “Le Chandail de Hockey”) it is a staple for Quebecois and Quebecers, and even my kids love the story as well.

What does this have to do with Personal Finance? See how the Mother in the story orders clothing in urban Quebec at the time, the Eaton’s Catalog, of course! When I grew up we waited for the catalog to come (especially the Christmas catalog), and now that kind of shopping has returned, except now we use the Internet (and it shows up in 2 days not 2 months).

The other truth was that when I was a kid, in Montreal, if you wore a Leafs sweater, you didn’t go outside much! The Sweater sums that up quite nicely.

The Sweater by Sheldon Cohen, National Film Board of Canada


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