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Random Thoughts: March Hoops Madness

Yes, March has rolled around again and the Madness that is University/College basketball has captured the Nations. When the President of the U.S. announces his “brackets” it is worldwide news. When LiveScience announces that scientists have come up with a Mathematical Model that has predicted (with astounding accuracy) the NCAA finalists for the past 5 years, this is big news. Carleton winning the CIS Championship (Canadian March Madness) is not as big news, but still it is part of the whole scene.

My March Reflections

Thoughts on March Financial Madness

With this theme in mind, let us wander the blogs to see what Financial Madness we have seen this week.

  • One of my favourite basketball posts is my own, Don’t Pass it To the other Team! Great advice from Ravens coach Dave Smart.
  • Ellen Roseman points out some of the Madness in the Financial and Consumer World (not just in March) in The Questions I get Every Day.
  • Michael James points out that the real March Madness (i.e. filling in your tax returns) can be taxing on your calendars in Income Tax Takes Time.
  • Claiming you can live on Dividends alone (done by Derek Foster) some might say is questionable, and the Canadian Capitalist points out a few flaws in What Went Wrong with the Derek Foster strategy?
  • Crime may not pay in the long run, but you had better make sure you pay taxes on what you are paid, points out Preet at Where Does All My Money go in Proceeds of Crime are Taxable.
  • Larry MacDonald is what is going on in the U.S. with their banks shere Madness in Banks out of Control?

Who will win it all? I have no idea, but I wouldn’t go against the Math guys, they seem to have the method down, but then again, we all thought we had the Stock Market figured out until last Summer, didn’t we?

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