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Always Buy The First Round

My wife told me about her weekend and she mentioned what she thought was an innocuous story about buying a “round” of coffee for a group of parents and how she didn’t have to buy coffee for the rest of the weekend (everyone else kept buying “the round”). It reminded me of some of the best advice I ever received.

Always Buy The First Round

When I turned 18, I went to a Tavern for the first time with a group of guys I knew from my C.E.G.E.P.. All these guys were a little older and were much more worldly than I was when it came to the art and science of drinking.

How Beer Came

One guy had worked in James Bay on the Hydro project in the mid 70’s and he knew about life. I confided with him that I had never been out “with the guys” drinking, and he gave me some excellent advice.

Always buy the first round, because that is the only round anyone ever remembers and anyone rarely does the correct accounting to answer the question asked before each round, “Whose round is it?”.  People will remember you bought the first round because that is the only round anyone ever remembers.

This advice works for alcohol, coffee and any other areas where there is a “round” of spending to be done.

Is this financial advice? Maybe not, but it is handy.

Simply said: Be the one they remember, not part of the crowd.

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  1. Reminds me of an experience many years ago:
    There were 6 of us around the pub table, five named Dave, and Eric. As the afternoon wore on, it became Dave’s round then Erics, then Dave’s, then Eric’s…..

    Seemed funny at the time…….


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